13-Week Cash Flow Forecasting

Particularly in times of financial distress, a 13-Week Cash Flow forecast is critical to mapping out liquidity during the next financial quarter. Working closely with management, our 13-Week Cash Flow forecasts present cash sources and uses on a weekly basis, monitor borrowing base calculations to determine availability to borrow, and roll forward critical working capital accounts, such as accounts receivable, inventory, and accounts payable.

Companies in distress must identify how much cash is needed and how long the current situation will last.  The answers to these critical questions are crucial to management as well as supporting stakeholders such as owners, lenders, and key vendors.  At FDP, our professionals are skilled at quickly assessing these high-stress situations and developing a plan to manage cash flow and meet financial obligations.

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Distributor of ethnic foods to food-service customers


Car haul, Drive Away, Registration Logistics


multi-channel Internet retailer and distributor of optical equipment


Asset heavy dedicated truckload logistics

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